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Hi and welcome to the Nascom home page.

The Nascom (1 and 2) were computer kits from the UK based Nasco, later Lucas, around the Z80 processor, sold in the early 1980s. This remarkable piece of hardware contained:

The Nascom computers were very useful for learning about microcomputer hardware and, through complete documentation, also learning system programming. All electronic schematics, datasheets of special components and the complete source code of the monitor were available from the beginning.

The purpose of this page is to gather as many Nascom resources as possible and to make them available. If you have Nascom resources you would like to make available, please do not hesitate to send them to

You can support the Nascom Repository with: The Nascom Respository is looking for:

Virtual Nascom and VNascom

There are many Nascom emulators available today, but at the genesis of this web site there was none. Need thus begat Virtual Nascom, a fully portable Nascom emulator distributed in source form. The primary site is the Virtual Nascom git repository.

VNascom is an alternatively emulator written by Constantin for Windows. The latest version is Virtual Nascom Version 3.1 for DOS/Win9x/ME.
The current version has bit level correct screen output and complete keyboard emulation. It run all the programs We've tried, which includes most games available. New in Version 3.1: CP/M Version 2.2 runs on standard Nascom screen as well as on the AVC.

Hans Rietveld contributed a front-end for Vnascom.

A new Nascom 2/3 emulator version 1.2 in Java written by Richard Espley is available.

VNascom Gallery


One of the best Nascom games.


1981 by South East London Software.


1981 by Blue Label Software. If there are any software classics for Nascoms, this is one of the bests.

Digital Research CP/M 2.2 on Nascom 3

CP/M 2.2 on a Nascom 3 with screen editing 1982.

The Nascom Repository

A Nascom file (extention *.NAS) can be uploaded with the "L" monitor command. Your Nascom creates such a file with a connected PC over the serial line with the following two commands at the Nas-Sys prompt: Your PC Terminal Program needs the following communication parameters: 1200 7/E/1 as 1200 Baud, one stop bit even Parity and 7 data bits.

Mike Fox offers this tip on How to automatically Read NAS files into a Nascom (open the linked zip file for more information).

Utilities for the PC written in Microsoft QBASIC (MS-DOS, Win9x, Windows NT):

Unix utilities Nascom Emulators: Nascom CP/M disk images and ROM's: Nasdos & CP/M Disk Images: Nasdos Applications: D-DOS (by D. R. Hunt): Nascom magazines: Nascom Manuals and Books: Schematics, Proms and Character Generator EPROMS: Data sheets of special components: Monitors for Nascom1 to Nascom3: Assemblers, Disassemblers and Debuggers: Programming Languages: Text Processors, Databases and Spreadsheet Programs: Games: Programs in NASCOM Basic for loading with the basic command CLOAD: Assembler programs written for ZEAP 2.x for loading with the ":" and "R" command : Assembler library Pascal programs written in BLS/Nascom Pascal for loading with the "L" command : Programs for the Radio Amateur : CP/M programs, bios versions: Hardware Drivers (currently not supported in VNascom):


Here are some of the pictures of the Nascom:


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